#GodSpeed, Matt!

There are people, there are good people and then there are people who just become instant “longtime” friends. For me, Matt Speed is in the latter category… and I need my friend back.


Matt comes from a north Georgia family of just good people. His immediate family includes bankers, a Sheriff, entrepreneurs and, most importantly, a wife and three children who love him dearly.

A while back, Matt went all in on his dream business and started Custom Combat Trucks. He’s a man’s man and does what most of us “Type A-s” would love to do: build (and rebuild) really cool, beastly looking trucks. Like I said- instant friends, right?


Today, however, Matt is trying to rebuild something a little different- his own body. Covid has wreaked havoc on his lungs and he needs our help.

How can you help? Pray for Matt and his family. Next- Pretty simple- either go buy a Humvee from CCT (a stretch, I know but I thought I’d mentioned it), donate to help alleviate some of the family’s costs, share their Gofundme, or share this blog post. You truly never know who might see your social media effort and go all in with some help.

Also- let’s make #GodSpeed, Matt! Go viral. It’ll be a journey for the Speed family. Let’s show them that we’ll be with them the WHOLE way.

Come on, Matt. We have stuff to do! #Godspeed, Matt!