It’s been a little while since I’ve slowed down to pass along a few thoughts. Regardless, Life rolls on, and blessings have been happening every day!

So you may know the story of Devon Gales. First and foremost- what a great kid. I’ve written about him before. You probably know his story. If you don’t, you can check out his story on our website here:

Build For Devon

Update: through a great partnership with the incredible people at WSB radio, and specifically fellow Bulldog Ashley Frasca, we’ve begun a strong lead-up to the UGA spring G Day football game on April 21. Additionally, we have tailgates with Devon lined up for G Day:

UGA will also have announcements and pictures for Devon on the big screen during the G Day game, as well.

Bottom line- we need your help. Please please please consider helping us build a house for Devon. Whatever you’re doing right now- stop and take a minute to make a difference. The Gales deserve the help, it’s honestly a blessing to know them, and Devon, who has smiled through the adversity, would be blessed with suitable housing to help him prepare for his next chapter in life.

Thanks in advance for your help!