So the last couple of weeks around my house have been somewhat tumultuous. From a stomach virus that limited any of my intake for 5 days to a tropical storm that knocked down 16 huuuuuge hardwoods in my yard… it’s been interesting. We’ve smiled and worked through it and, I believe, ultimately we can always get a little happier every day. 

As I’ve pondered my next blog, beginning with reviewing some of my previous, I’ve decided it’s time to lighten up a little. I like to consider myself humorous. I love to laugh, as we all inherently do, and my wife Amy also has a funny and dry sense of humor as well.

So… time to laugh a little. I have no idea how… or when… but that’s a new twist for this month-or-so old blog. 

I started thinking about humorous Southerners and I thought of some of Lewis Grizzard’s musings.

For those of you who may not be familiar, Lewis was one of those guys who people just wanted to be around, or so I imagine. I wish I could have met him. He easily made people laugh and he smiled at life in general. He didn’t let the challenges of his day bog him down in divisiveness. We could certainly use more Lewis Grizzard today!

I’m sure you can still find most of his 25 published books on Amazon, even today. Unfortunately he died in 1994 after open heart surgery, at the early age of 47, due to complications. 

Regardless, he left us untimely classics with titles like, “Chili Dawgs Always Bark at Night”, “Don’t sit under the Grits Tree with anyone else but me” and “When my Love returns from then Ladies Room, will I be too old to care?”

When you see those titles, and think about what some of the topics he must touch on inside the cover, One’s first thought is, “who could even think up those kind of ideas… much less put them into words?” Grizzard was legendary at it and there will never be anyone else like him, for sure.

To me, there are just certain legends, in my lifetime, that have made living a little better. 

Among them- Grizzard wth his writings and humor, Larry Munson with his legendary calls on Bulldog Saturdays and Captain Herb Emory and his vision for helping Georgians navigate a never ending nightmare of traffic challenges while always doing his part to remind listeners of the more important things in life.

Capt. Herb and me a few years ago…

These guys are just legends, all made from similar molds in their own rite. 

The lesson they all leave us with, in my opinion, is that you have to make your own way and it’s just easier when you smile. 

From their lives we can learn that we have to build our own style and it doesn’t need to fit a certain mold. As a matter of fact, I believe these gentlemen show us that dreaming, taking the path less traveled and smiling a lot along the way makes for a more enjoyable journey through life. Thanks, men. We appreciate the lesson. 

So plan on more humor, as I find more topics to expound upon. It ain’t fancy, but it’s not meant to be. Laughter, and Brussel sprouts, are things we could all use more of. 

I saw the video of Dabo Swinney (included below) this morning. Apparently it’s almost a year old. I have no idea what the question was that got him on this point, but he’s spot on. You need to listen… and we all need to hear what he says. There’s a difference, you know, between listening and hearing.

So… listen… and hear:

Dabo Swinney with a little wisdom…

It’s too bad he likes orange so much… if he keeps these kind of comments up, he could be added to my list above… still a little too early to tell, though. 

There’s one other cool video that Dabo found himself in the middle of… which is worthy of passing along:

Aren’t you that Famous Guy?

So, smile a little, or a lot. Laugh a little, or a lot, and let’s not be so serious!

As all of these guys have shown us, there’s a lot of life to live… and we owe it to all of them to live it to the fullest! 

Have a great day! God Bless!